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Gum bleeding is a common problem that affects many people, but it’s one that must be taken seriously as there are many causes, including poor oral hygiene, ill-fitting dentures, or gum disease. Understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment of bleeding gums can help you to take better care of your oral health.

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What Are The Causes Of Gum Bleeding?

Many dental patients wonder whether bleeding gums are normal. If persistent or bad gum bleeding is affecting you, it’s natural to be concerned, but most causes are not serious and can be easily rectified:

Other factors can also cause bleeding gums, including hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, and medications, such as blood thinners.


How Can Bleeding Gums Be Prevented?

Preventing gums from bleeding starts with practising good oral hygiene and consuming a healthy diet.


What Is The Best Solution For Bleeding Gums?

Prevention is always better than the cure, according to the old saying. However, if you experience bleeding gums, pain, or an unpleasant taste, it’s important to see a dentist who will examine your mouth to identify the cause and recommend a treatment plan. Sometimes, antibiotics or mouth rinses may be prescribed to control an infection if one is present.

Regular check-ups will also allow your dentist to check the health of your gums and recommend if treatment is required. Also, ask about making an appointment with a hygienist who can professionally scale and polish your teeth to remove plaque and bacteria.


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