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A Step-by-Step Guide to Composite Veneers at New Road Dental, Bromsgrove

At New Road Dental, we’re passionate about crafting beautiful, confident smiles. Dental composite veneers are a powerful tool in our cosmetic dentistry toolbox, and we’re excited to share their transformative potential with you!

So, how exactly do these dental superheroes work their magic? Buckle up for a step-by-step adventure:


Setting the Stage for a Smile Makeover

1. Consultation & Planning

First, we'll have a friendly chat to understand your smile goals and assess your suitability for veneers. Think of it as getting to know your architect before designing your dream smile!

2. Colour Matching & Shade Selection

We'll use shade guides and digital tools to find the perfect color match for your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless, natural-looking result. Imagine picking the ideal paint shade for your home - your smile deserves the same attention to detail!

Veneer Application:

Sculpting Your Dream Smile.

3. Tooth Preparation
(Minimal, if needed)

Unlike some superheroes, veneers are gentle giants. In most cases, minimal preparation is needed, like lightly buffing the tooth surface to create a strong bond. Think of it as prepping the canvas for a masterpiece!

4. Bonding & Light Curing

A special bonding agent is applied to both the tooth and the veneer, creating a rock-solid foundation. Then, a blue light activates the bonding agent, like magic rays setting the smile in place!

5. Sculpting & Shaping

Now comes the artistry! We meticulously layer and sculpt the composite resin, crafting the desired shape, size, and texture for each veneer. Imagine a mini-tooth fairy with a sculpting tool, transforming your smile one layer at a time!

6. Polishing & Finishing Touches

The final flourish! We polish the veneers to a high shine, giving them a natural, enamel-like luster. Think of it as adding the finishing touches to a gleaming piece of jewelry for your smile!


Voila! Your New Smile Awaits!

With proper care, your composite veneers can last for 5-7 years, gracing you with a confident, radiant smile. And remember, at New Road Dental Practice, we’re always here to support you on your smile journey.

Bonus Tip: Think of the veneer application process like creating a beautiful stained-glass window. Each layer adds depth, color, and character, ultimately revealing a stunning masterpiece – your stunning smile!

Remember, a confident smile is the best accessory you can wear!

We hope this detailed explanation sheds light on the world of dental composite veneers. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at New Road Dental Practice. We’re always happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Ready to take the first step towards your dream smile?

If you’re considering veneers as an affordable, reliable solution our team will happily answer any questions you may have and assess whether you are suitable for this procedure.

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