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Your child's dental health is important to us

Children at New Road Dental, Bromsgrove 

Good oral health is best achieved by adopting an efficient dental care routine at an early age. This is why, at New Road Dental, we offer our quality dental care services to children and adults. The recommended tooth care routine for children varies depending on their age and the growth of their teeth. Our experienced dental team are able to monitor your child’s tooth growth, allowing for any misalignment or potential issues to be spotted in the early stages and treated accordingly.

"My children were always frightened of visits to the dentist, but a friend recommended New Road Dental. The whole team has been great and friendly. Visits to the dentist are not such a big deal in our house any more."

At what age should my child visit the dentist?

When children are approximately six years old, their first adult molar teeth erupt at the back of the mouth. At this stage we would recommend that you speak to our team about protecting these with a fissure sealant to help avoid tooth decay.

Affordable dental care

Our dental care is affordable, with many different payment options available, because we believe everyone should be able to access high-quality dental care. We take our teeth for granted at times, but when you think about how much we use our mouths in everyday life, it becomes clear as to why we must look after them.

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Our team of experienced dentists have undergone hundreds of hours of training and professional development to be able to share knowledge with you that may just be the difference between keeping or losing your teeth as you grow older.
If you’re suffering with an abscess or you’ve been experiencing a pain that just doesn’t seem to be going away, we would highly recommend visiting the team at New Road Dental, Bromsgrove.