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Big improvements in a short period of time

Improve the appearance of your teeth in a very short period of time

At New Road Dental, our skilled dentists are able to offer you a variety of dental services to help you achieve a good standard of oral health and consequently, a beautiful smile. We have a highly-qualified, experienced team of dentists who are completely dedicated to providing you with the dental care you require. We’ve created a friendly environment where quality dental care is affordable yet still completely personal.


Dental Crowns

We put our teeth through a lot over the years and as we age some of us will find that certain teeth are no longer structurally sound. Root canal treatments, lost fillings, decay below a filling and chipped enamel are just a few of the things that can lead to large scale defects in a tooth’s surface. Tooth removal is always our last resort, so if you suffer with weaker teeth, yet the root system is still intact, we may just be able to solve all your problems by fitting a crown.

How could a dental crown help me?

Dental crowns are used to add strength, durability and stability to damaged teeth. When crowns are applied correctly, they will cover the entire visible surface of the tooth; a cosmetic / aesthetic crown should look natural (unless of course a gold one is applied). At New Road Dental, Bromsgrove, we’ll be able to identify any weak or damaged teeth you may have and discuss the available solutions with you before planning any treatment. Living life with tooth loss impacts negatively on a number of different levels, however it can be easily solved and further problems can be avoided with a trip to New Road Dental.


A bridge offers an affordable, yet durable, solution for one or more missing teeth. Fixed bridges quite literally ‘bridge the gap’ in your smile using precious metals. If you have suffered from broken or missing teeth you’ll know that it can change the way you live your life, from only chewing food on one side of your mouth, to hiding your teeth when you smile.

Why do I need to fill the gaps?

It’s important to fill any gaps you may have for both health and cosmetic reasons. When you have a missing tooth, bacteria can often build within the gap and lead to an infection or even gum disease. The teeth around the gap are also prone to caving, affecting your bite and making life very uncomfortable. Everyone deserves to be confident in their smile, and a bridge can help give you your confidence back and provide you with a beautiful natural smile you’ll want to show the world.

Ready to take the first step towards your dream smile?

Ravi was brilliant at setting up a treatment plan which included some bridge work, crowns and implants. I’d recommend him to anyone.

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