Facial aesthetics are in high demand as people crave youthful and radiant skin, particularly dermal fillers which have gained immense popularity for their ability to turn back the clock on ageing. However, although the earliest signs of ageing appear as early as the twenties, many people wonder whether there is an appropriate age to get dermal fillers which, in this article, we’ll discuss.

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Prejuvenation: Late 20s – Early 30s

Some individuals start using dermal fillers in their late 20s or early 30s as a preventative measure to delay the appearance of wrinkles and volume loss. The aim of this trend, often referred to as prejuvenation, is to maintain youthful skin before the first signs of ageing become prominent.


The Age Of Consideration: Late 30s And 40s

For most people, the late thirties and forties mark the stage when they begin to notice visible signs of ageing. Lines, wrinkles, and volume loss become more apparent, making dermal fillers a popular choice for patients seeking to restore a more youthful appearance.


Individual Factors Matter

It’s important to remember that the appropriate age to consider dermal fillers varies based on individual factors, such as genetics, exposure to the sun, smoking habits, and skin type. Just as some people appear to age more quickly while others retain a youthful appearance without any effort, the best age for dermal fillers differs from person to person.


No Upper Age Limit

Unlike many aspects of life, age doesn’t pose an obstacle if you’re considering using dermal filler and you’re already past mid-life. With no upper age limit for using dermal fillers, these treatments can be effective even in older people. However, as the skin continues to age, more products may be needed to achieve the desired results, so it’s essential to have realistic expectations about what can be achieved.


Achieving The Right Timing

In terms of how often you need dermal fillers, you should plan to revisit your provider every four to six months. Some people may require more frequent treatment while others may be happier to leave more time between. Your provider will be able to advise you in line with your expectations.


Don’t Leave It To Chance: Speak To A Professional

Determining the right age to start dermal fillers must always involve a professional assessment. Rather than relying on guesswork, an experienced practitioner will be able to evaluate your skin, discuss your aesthetic goals, and provide personalised advice on when and how to proceed.


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