The Importance of Oral Health in Children

There is an unfortunate myth that you do not have to worry about baby teeth as they will all fall out any way. Cavities will develop through poor care and inadequate oral health routines. Forming good oral hygiene habits in childhood will set the foundation for children to make healthy choices as they develop.

Children who have cavities may have difficulty eating, smiling and studies show they may have problems paying attention and learning at school. Children need their teeth so they can eat properly talk smile and feel good about themselves.

Let’s talk about gum disease

Gum disease. We’ve all heard about it and seen the adverts on the television, yet so many people continue to think “I brush my teeth, it won’t happen to me”. Well, unfortunately that’s not the case. Even the people with the most disciplined dental routine can suffer from plaque and tartar build up. For those of you who are unaware of the relation between plaque and gum disease, here’s a brief summary. Plaque forms in the areas of the mouth you can’t reach when brushing. If this plaque is left, it hardens and becomes what we refer to as tartar, and that’s when the problems begin because Tartar is the main cause of gum disease…