Do you think you need braces?

At New Road Dental in Bromsgrove we provide orthodontic treatments for adults. Did you know that misaligned teeth can be related to a number of dental problems and can also impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem, but there’s no need to worry. Our experienced team are able to provide a number of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solutions, including Invisalign to give you a beautifully aligned and natural looking smile.

Are they the solution for you? we have put together five things that you should consider before choosing them as your re-alignment option.

What happens if you do not replace a missing tooth?

Missing teeth do not present too much hassle at the onset, but as time goes on, missing teeth can cause your facial features to droop and cause your other teeth to shift out of position, creating gaps where bacteria can easily settle and cause gum disease.

Missing teeth also impede your ability to chew food properly, which means your digestion is also affected if left untreated.