Five things to consider before choosing Invisalign.

The team at New Road Dental Practice are often asked about the types of changes a wearing may experience during their treatment. Invisalign offers an almost invisible alternative to traditional braces. Whilst there are many aesthetic benefits to wearing them, they require more in the way of commitment from the wearer.

Are they the solution for you? we have put together five things that you should consider before choosing them as your re-alignment option.

How Invisalign can help improve teen confidence.

Crooked or misaligned teeth can have very negative effects on a teenagers confidence. Whilst a teenager may recognise that traditional braces may improve their teeth over time, the fear of having to have traditional braces fitted may have a negative effect on their self image.

Invisalign offers a more discrete alternative to traditional braces and choosing Invisalign treatment has many advantages for the teen wearer.